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Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

Day 2: Marine Excursion

Day 3: Safari Day Trip

Day 4: Watersports and Adventure

Day 5: Beach Activity and Departure

Remember, this package is flexible, and you can tailor it based on your preferences and the specific activities available during your visit to Diani Beach.


Day 1

Arrival and Check in

Arrival at Moi International Airport
Transfer to Diani Beach
Check into your accommodation.
Freshen up and have breakfast.

Afternoon: Beach Time

Head to the beach for relaxation.
Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

Evening: Sunset and Dinner

Witness the stunning sunset at the beach.
Have dinner

Day 2

Marine Excursion

Morning: Marine Adventure

Participate in a marine excursion.
Explore the coral reefs and vibrant marine life.
Afternoon: Leisure Time

Relax at the beach or your accommodation's facilities.
Enjoy swimming or sunbathing.

Evening: Dine Out or Cultural Experience

Try a different restaurant for dinner or attend a cultural event showcasing local music and dance.

Day 3

Safari Day Trip

Morning: Departure for Safari

Go on a day trip to nearby wildlife reserves like Shimba Hills National Reserve.
Enjoy a safari experience and spot wildlife like elephants, giraffes, and various bird species.

Afternoon: Picnic and Exploration

Have a picnic lunch within the reserve.
Continue exploring and observing wildlife.

Evening: Return and Relaxation

Return to Diani in the evening.
Rest and relax after the safari day.

Day 4

Watersports and Adventure

Morning: Water Activities

Engage in water sports like kayaking, jet-skiing, or paddleboarding.

Afternoon: Lunch and Spa

Enjoy lunch at a beachfront restaurant.
Treat yourself to a relaxing spa session or massage.

Evening: Sunset Cruise or Beach Bonfire

Opt for a sunset cruise or a beachside bonfire with music and local entertainment.

Day 5

Beach Activity and Departure

Morning: Beach Activity

Afternoon: Lunch

Enjoy a final leisurely lunch by the beach.
Pack and prepare for departure.

Evening: Departure

Check out from the accommodation.
Depart from Diani with unforgettable memoories

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